Monday, May 26, 2008


Today we marched in the local parade as has been the custom of our lodge for generations. This year we had a nice new banner out in front of us which seemed to make a big difference instead of a bunch of guys marching in suits they actually knew who we were and we received greater applause. We have been fortunate in that we have a nice mix of young and old so we have enough guys willing to march to look respectable. Events like the parade and Saints John Day celebrations are important since they are one of the few times that the public gets to see who the Masons in their community are which may create interest.

This memorial day I'd like to take this time to remember all the brothers of the lodge who were members of our fine lodge for centuries now. My Great Grandfather and Grandfather were members of this lodge as were many of my other relatives, long my their memory live on in the hearts of their fellow brothers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I recently did an in depth evaluation of the our lodge membership going back 50 years, yes 50 years. As an engineer by trade I tend to want to look at the numbers. What I found was that our lodge had reached its membership high of 327 members back in 1958. Since that time it has been a steady decline of about 50 to 60 members per decade until we reached a low of 127 members in 2005. Yes the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's were not kind to our lodge.

However in the last three years we have been turning the tide, 2006 we gained 9 new members, 2007 we gained 12 new members the largest single year gain since the 50's and in 2008 we will have gained 9 new members through the first half of the year. If we maintain our current pace this decade should easily be the first decade in fifty years that we have net positive growth. This is my second year as Master and it is my hope to finish my term having 25 new members in my two years.

How...........well momentum is a funny thing, again as an engineer it is all a matter of physics. it takes great energy to turn the tide. If you as Master believe, others will believe, energy is contagious, you can't just "try to make it through your year", you have to embrace it, enjoy it after all you have put in many years to get the East. Set the craft to work, most lodges are old and need maintenance, updating, painting, cleaning, etc this gives the members a chance to work side by side and get to know eachother better. Maintain the programs that work and add to the social atmosphere of the lodge and maintain good ritual practices no body enjoys watching sloppy work.

Remember things don't happen over night but as long as we keep adding one stone at a time....

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Are you a Master Mason...are you able to prove yourself as one and work and travel as such...well this is by far my favorite aspect of the fraternity. I recently had the pleasure of traveling and working at St John's #6 in Norwalk.

I had recently took the time to check out the local lodge in Norwalk where I a few months ago I had taken a new job. Although this lodge was typical of many of the struggling lodges I have seen in my travels I saw some glimmering hope. They were bringing in new candidates, had active Past Masters and a group of non-past Masters were active and did impressive work. They mentioned that they were doing an EA degree the following month and I told them if my schedule allowed I would be happy to attend and it would be my pleasure to do the second section lecture for the degree.

On the night of the degree I found that three brothers from Southington Lodge, Friendship 33 had also came down having meet the acting Master at the Grand Lodge session. Two of the Southington brothers served as Stewards and I helped as a third escourt. The degree went well and everyone had a fun time performing the work, the Southington brothers did an impressive lecture and I am looking forward to visiting their lodge. There was strong fraternal feel to the evening and everyone left feeling good about the work done.

As an officer in two lodges my free travel time is limited and I look forward to the day that I am able to travel and work as such....