Sunday, June 15, 2008


In my last post I recalled how I was asked to join the officer line and how I answered the call. Having not been active in the lodge I knew nothing about lodge function or the ritual, it might as well been my first year in the lodge. Each year in the line I did a little extra, I learned extra ritual parts and eventually the charges as well. Now in my second year as Master I think most brothers would agree that I am a solid ritualist. I can also say that my time in the line has been one of the most positive expriences of my life.

Once again I have been asked to answer the call and under very similar circumstances. After I became active in the officer line of my blue lodge I decided to seek further light by joining the appendent bodies of the Scottish and York Rite as well as the Shrine. Since I have dedicated my time to my work in the blue lodge I have spent very little time in the appendent bodies. The other day I was asked to be appointed Grand Custodian which is the equivelent of DD for the blue lodge in York Rite Chapter. The brother recommending me knew that I had not been active in this body and yet felt that I was the right man for the job, despite my agruements I accepted. So I laid the first stone upon which to build a new chapter in my masonic journey.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I joined the fraternity when I was 21 as the male members of my family were Masons for four generations and it was the thing to do. At 21 I had little interest but still respected the tradition and paid my dues and donated to the various activities of the lodge throughout the years. I came to awards nights for other family members and some dinners but never attended any degrees or regular meetings for my first fifteen years in the fraternity. After one of the awards nights I was asked if I wanted to help out on the fellowcraft team for an MM degree and I agreed. After working on the degree team I started attending once in awhile when I had the chance, Then in the fall of 2000 I was asked if I wanted to be a Steward by the incoming Master. After great personal debate I finally agreed and thus the first stone.

In our lodge it is a progressive line so you spend six years progressing through the chairs until your year as Master. So I became Master in 2007, the first of my family to do so.