Thursday, December 25, 2008


Having always been an avid Star Trek fan I was watching the movie Generations last night. While it was not one of my favorites there was scene that particularly caught my attention. Kirk and Picard were talking and Kirk told Picard not give up the Captains seat, not for promotion, new opportunities, etc. He said because in that seat you can make difference. I am not by any means saying that Masters should hold on to the East, what I am saying is that Masters should realize they can make a difference. Too often brothers get to the East and count the days until they are out of office. The year or years in office should be cherished and enjoyed and you should finish your term proud of your name being counted among the select few.

My views on lodge leadership have morphed during my time in the officer line. I used to be so proud of my home lodge having a progressive line with no Past Masters and Masters served one year and were done. While still am a strong advocate of the progressive line I no longer view have a few Past Masters in the line if necessary as a bad thing as long as they don't get locked into a position which deters the development of new officers. My philosophy on the officer line is now the same as that of becoming a member; becoming an officer should be an act of their own fee will and accord. Too often lodges in desperation beg new brothers to join the officer line many of whom are not ready to be there, don't belong there or don't really wish to be there. I have seen the effects of these and now conclude that it is better to fill holes in the line with PM's than to try to force square pegs in round holes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Last week I was installed as Master of my affiliate lodge and even though I just finished being Master of my home lodge for two years I am truly excited about this new opportunity to serve the craft. Being Master is a honor and a position of great responsibility, our fraternity is set up so that Master determines the level of activity of the lodge; hence to set the craft to work and give them good and wholesome instructions for their labors.

Each lodge has its own characteristics and customs. my affiliate lodge is much different than my home lodge and I am trying to take the best of both worlds as I prepare for the upcoming year. They have a full progressive line from JW on down and all the chairs are filled with brothers ready to do the work. This has not been seen in this lodge for many, many years. My main goal will be to continue to build the membership and to keep the new members engaged. We have a very busy year ahead of us as one of our members will be installed as Grand Master in March.

I was fortunate to have the Past Master who served my home lodge the year before me affiliate as well and will serve as SW this year. We are both solid ritualists and will be able to set the example for the junior officers. He however has no interest in serving as Master so I will be in the East for two years. I am confident that if the lodge continues along its current course in two years they will be one of the strongest lodges in the district and my work will have been well worth the effort.

Then I will be looking for my next new beginning..........