Sunday, April 12, 2009


We as masons are taught to subdue our passions and improve ourselves in masonry....while this has its own unique meaning I suggest that what we need to do "ignite our passions and improve masonry".

As a volunteer organization everyone chooses their personal level of participation. Many join and fade away only to be dropped for NPD a few years later. While becoming an officer is not for everyone, those that choose to do so must realize that when they become Master they are the guiding force for their lodge for a year. It is easy for complacency to set in as anything beyond complacency takes effort. We all have lives that are very busy and time is a precious commodity, it is easy to kick your masonic duties to the curb.

As with all organizations leadership is the key and passionate leadership ignites the fire of others, which in turn encourages them to invite others. Members need to feel excited about what is happening in their lodge or feel what is happening is worth while and more importantly worth their time. So I say to you up and coming Masters, ignite your passion and make your year worthy of the rank you have achieved.