Saturday, January 8, 2011

Driving The Bus

I was Master of my home lodge for two years, normally it was a progressive line and everyone served one year but my senior deacon had to drop out and we decided to keep the top three officers the same and move everyone else up behind us as opposed to trying to fill the whole.

The brother who served as my SW for two years took over and a few months into his term he commented that " it was much easier riding on the bus as opposed to driving the bus". He said I made it look so easy to be Master that he expected it to be easy. I think alot of officers watch and ride along and don't think much about what they would do when they are behind the wheel. And yes you are driving the bus; you are deciding the direction of your lodge and a lot of brothers are coming along for the ride.

So you have to decide when it is your turn to drive, are you going to hit cruise control or put the pedal down ? Of course with any big journey, pre-planning makes the trip all that smoother, so mapping out your course well ahead of time makes it go all the better.

Most of all, enjoy the journey on the path you pick, when it is your turn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 A New Beginning

2010 I did not do a single post, as they say, sometimes life comes at you fast. As I start 2011 I have no offices elected or appointed for the first time in ten years. Ten years ago I started in the officer line of my home lodge, through the years I joined the Scottish Rite, the Shrine, The York Rite and served as President of Blue Lodge Council. As I was reaching the end of my journey in my home lodge I affiliated with another Blue Lodge. I served as Master of my home lodge for two years and then as Master of my affiliate lodge for two years. Now I have time to reflect on this journey and share my thoughts.

As I said I served as Master for four years, a great honor and privilege. What I learned in those years is that to be effective a Master should: communicate, energize and socialize. Simply sending out two trestle boards a year does not cut it for communication. E-mail is quick and easy and is a great supplement to keep members up to date on upcoming events. Energize, the Master should be the biggest cheerleader, if the Master doesn't believe no one will believe. Socialize, get the members to get to know eachother through social activities such as dinners, CHIP programs, anything than just sitting there watching the Master blabbing.