Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not Wrong - Not Right

This weekend I was reminded that sometimes in life: There maybe nothing "wrong" with your decision but it may not be the "right" thing to do. The current Grand Master removed two appointed officers from the grand line for his term as Grand Master which he is entitled to do just as any elected Master of a blue lodge has the right to do. While there was nothing "wrong" with this action, many of the craft felt it was not the "right" thing to do.  And one thing about masons is we have a strong sense of right and wrong.

He spoke at the blue lodge councils explaining his actions, I remember walking away from the meeting with one thought, he stated if you do not like my decision, you have the power to elect who want to serve the Grand Lodge, While simply the Master of a lodge I understand the reach of my influence and that my cable tow is within the walls of my lodge, so three maybe four votes..... not exactly a voting block.

Perhaps he planted the seed in enough brothers minds where they said, you are right, we do have the vote.  This past Saturday at the GL session, the craft exercised their right to vote and returned one of the appointed officers previously removed to the elected position of JW.  I was happy in the aspect that the Grand Master was correct, we the craft determine who serves the grand lodge and as stated in my previous blog, we have the right to vote.

Where do we go from here largely rests in the hands of the Grand Master elect, I believe and hope that he will focus on returning harmony to forefront of our society.