Thursday, April 18, 2013

Post or not to Post

I have started and not posted several blogs this year as my mind would always say - to post or not to post - that is the question............I am a passionate leader and I realize that therefore I also know that with passion comes the strong emotions relating to subjects that touch my masonic world.  The last six months of CT masonry has been wrought with emotions and a time of reflection was needed.  My conclusion, at least for me personally is, let the purple do what the purple want to do, I will not waste my thoughts and time on trying to find logic in an illogical world. History will be the judge of the current line of thought and it probably will not be kind.  For me, my focus will be on what has always been the most important aspect of masonry for me, the local lodge and the relationships forged working in the quarries with my fellow brothers.

I will now post some of previous thoughts as I see I have been pretty consistant in my view points.  Neal Diamond wrote a song "Forever In Blue Jeans" and I will always be a blue lodge brother nothing more, nothing less, for that is where my passion and my heart dwells.

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