Friday, April 19, 2013


I grew up on a dairy farm, milking cows and shoveling shit, long days , hard work. I always did well in school so I went to school to be an engineer. After graduating the job market at the time was poor so I got a job in my field as an operator or blue color man. This was a great experience and gave me a perspective and a skill set in my profession that would serve me well. I then went onto work for a family owned company where I after many years I became Vice President. When the original owner of the company passed away the kids took over with a different perspective having never worked at the company or in the field. So several of us decided it was time to move on, I went to another family owned company which has worked out very well.  I continued my education through the years and now have two AS, BS and a MS but the one thing that has served me best is the hard working perspective I gained on the farm and the practical experience gained working in the plant as a blue collar man. I have always been a farm boy at heart not a suit and tie guy and work titles gained through the years have meant little to me as long as they spell my name correct on the pay check.

I also grew up with a deep love for music, I played in bands until my second daughter was born. I enjoy song writing so got involved in a song writing organization and went on to serve as President of the organization for four years.

I petitioned for masonry when I turned 21 and have now been a member for nearly 30 years. My masonic journey is laid out in my previous blogs but to summarize. I was asked to join the officer line of my home lodge, progressed through every chair and served as Master for two years. I affiliated with another lodge and served as Master for two years, I have now affiliated with another lodge and serve as Master.  So I now have the perspective of three different lodges and many years of serving as an officer. 

Recent Grand Lodge decisions have upset many of the craft but more especially those with a deeper perspective and understanding of the fraternity.  Upon reflection, I remember sitting in my first Grand Lodge session waiting to vote and saying well who are we voting for ? This annual ritual was pretty much a simple task of progressing the officers who had been recommended by their districts and appointed to the grand line.  All of the hard work had been done by the individual districts, who best could serve and represent the desires of the craft from that district.  Unless you have served as a principle officer of a lodge, at a minimum, you have no perspective relative to this.

So now the Grand Lodge in an effort to invoke the two year term has eliminated the concept of representation by district and has decided that they are the wisest to choose who should represent the Grand Lodge and the needs of the craft.  Essentially invoking a system of taxation without representation. Based on the current selections, these decisions are based on service to Grand Lodge or patronage to the Grand Master.

I am sure these are good brothers and will serve well, that is not the question, it is a matter of who determines who best can serve. The current Grand Master had the time to travel far and wide during his time in the grand line, most do not and have not.  I have always ruled my lodges by consensus as I feel the need to gather perspectives before making a decision. This how our old system worked for decades and it is my belief that the Past Grand Masters from our district served the state and our district well.

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