Sunday, September 29, 2013

The RIGHT To Vote

Each year the principle officers (WM,SW,JW) of each lodge head to the fall Grand Lodge session to elect the Grand Lodge officers for the coming year.  Traditionally this has been a courtesy exercise of advancing the line officers to the next position in the line.  Historically we had nine districts and there was a Grand Line officer from each district which had been selected by their district. As in the blue lodges the appointed positions are selected by the incoming Grand Master, traditionally the incoming Grand Master maintained those chosen by their district, occasionally making a change.  The current Grand Master decided to change this and that the incoming Grand Master solely decides who the appointed positions are. it is time to remind the blue lodges that THEY elect the top four positions of the Grand Line and that they have the power to decide who they want to represent them.  I used the word "traditionally" often, as masonry is full of tradition and so now it is important to educate the craft of the new reality otherwise we can expect the lemmings to do as expected. The Grand Master talked of the concept of a pool of appointed officers, I have two problems with this concept. First masons traditionally elect the Senior Deacon to the Junior Warden position, so as long as the pool has titles, blue lodge masons will vote accordingly.  Second, blue lodge masons traditionally do not realize that they can elect any master mason in good standing, it does not need to be someone currently in the Grand Line or the "pool".

I have been a lodge officer since 2000 and have been Master of three different lodges, I do not recall any of my lodges ever discussing the upcoming Grand Lodge vote, again tradition made it a non decision.  We would discuss any pending legislation effecting the craft and how the voting officers should vote to represent the will and pleasure of the lodge.

I now think that the lodges should discuss who the voting members should select for the elected positions in the Grand Line.  In addition, if districts are no longer going to have a voice in who goes into the "pool" then it becomes necessary that Blue Lodges Councils organize the lodges of their area to vote for who best represents their interests. The voice of the craft needs to rise up and be heard.

Now more then ever, lodges need to exercise their RIGHT to vote.


Anonymous said...

I think a livelier discussion would be:
Section 2102. Nominations Prohibited. No nominations shall be made either in the Grand Lodge or any Lodge; and any Mason making a nomination shall be disciplined therefor.

Paul Chapin said...

I am fully aware of this fact and reminded others of this. That why it is important discuss the will and pleasure of the craft prior to the election so that an informed decision can be made. It is my belief that blue lodges don't put much thought into who they will vote for in the GL elections and this needs to change do to the changes you have made.